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ABA SOLUTIONhas achieved success with every child since 1993. We keep offering “Meister-like” sophisticated technology of Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavior Therapy.

About ABA SOLUTION ’s Director
Professor Kenji Okuda is a founder and an executive director and
a therapist of ABA SOLUTION.
He found remarkable improvements and even “recovery” among
children who received early intensive home-based ABA treatment.
Okuda has been awarded with one of the Clinical Psychology Society
of Japanese highest honors – the Kikuo Uchiyama Memorial Award of
the year in 1999. Also, He has been awarded from the Japan Society for Studies on Educational
Practices’ award of the year in 2003, for his series of the study about “theory of mind” program
was successful. Recently, He has been awarded from the Japanese Association for Behavior
Analysis (J-ABA)s’ the Best Article Award (4th time) in 2008.

A highly recognized clinical psychologist in Japan, he is the behavior therapist invited from all
over the world for families who need his training and consultation. He is a Certified Behavior
Therapist Advanced, a Certified Clinical Psychologist, a Certified School Psychologist, and a
Certified Autistic Spectrum Specialist Expert by each association in Japan. He has published
articles in the areas of functional language acquisition, cognitive language understanding,
theory of mind, social skills, severe behavioral disturbance, parent training, toilet training, play,
leisure skills, etc.,
and has presented papers at numerous national and international conferences.
Further, He’s teaching and studying in university as an associate professor.

We address

Behavioral and Functional Assessments
Supervision and Behavioral Consultation
Direct One-to-One Therapy
Acquisition of language (conversation) skills
Life skills such as eating, toilet training, etc.
Treating behavior disorders such as aggression, self injury, etc.
Positive Behavior Support in Education and Welfare
Non-Contingent Reinforcement (by manipulating the FT schedule)
Social skills
Academic skills
Leisure, play
Self management and Self understanding
Behavioral Counseling
Assistance in Individual Education Plan (IEP) review
Parent training (for home-based intervention)
Home programs development assistance
School and Classroom-based programs
Introduction of medical resources (tests, medication)
Career counseling
Job training
Sibling support
(using Japanese language only)

Support Area

Southeast Asia (Thailand)
North America (USA, Canada)

Starting Age

until 2 years old

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