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ABA SOLUTION has achieved success with every child since 1993. We keep offering “Meister-like” sophisticated technology of Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavior Therapy.

About Kenji OKUDA
Psychological clinical consultant invited around the world for behavior analysis services to children with developmental disabilities and their families. He is critically acclaimed for his sophisticated skills in guiding clients to solutions to any behavioral problem, and for the precision of his quirky and unique ideas, designs, and instructional programs that are completely tailor-made for each child. His clinical and social activities are often featured in terrestrial and BS documentaries and films. Kenji is the only clinician in the world who remains committed to enhancing the practice and study of clinical skills rather than rational worksharing. In Japan, where there is no division of labor by field, professor-level experts such as Prof. Okuda may provide training directly. He emphasizes demonstrating and exposing techniques in the same way that great surgeons expose themselves. He is a Certified Behavior Therapist Advanced, a Certified Clinical Psychologist, a Certified School Psychologist, and a Certified Autistic Spectrum Specialist Expert.

In 1999, he received the Uchiyama Memorial Award from the Japanese Association for Behavior Therapy; in 2003, he received the Research Encouragement Award from the Japanese Society for Educational Practice; in 2008, he received the 4th Japanese Association for Behavior Analysis Award (Best Paper Award), making him the first double winner at two major behavioral science conferences in Japan. In 2012, he took early retirement from the university and founded the Nishikaruizawa Gakuen Educational Corporation in Nagano Prefecture with his private fortune. As the first president of the corporation, he opened Samuel Kindergarten in April 2018, the first kindergarten in Japan to provide inclusive education using behavior analysis. He is the author of many long-selling books, including “Dear Dr. Asperger”(Asuka Shinsha), “Zero Scolding and Raising ‘Self-Directed Children'”(Daiwa Bunko), “Sekai no ichidatsu dake no kosodate no textbook”(Diamond Inc.), and “The Law of Merit: Behavior Analysis, Practical Edition”(Shueisha). These books have also been translated and published in Asian countries. A manga featuring Kenji’s clinical activities has also been published and became a bestseller. Sayakaboshi Elementary School (meaning brightly shining stars from the Christmas carol”O holy night”) will open in April 2024 in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture.

We address

Behavioral and Functional Assessments
Supervision and Behavioral Consultation
Direct One-to-One Therapy
Acquisition of language (conversation) skills
Life skills such as eating, toilet training, etc.
Treating behavior disorders such as aggression, self injury, etc.
Positive Behavior Support in Education and Welfare
Non-Contingent Reinforcement (by manipulating the FT schedule)
Social skills
Academic skills
Leisure, play
Self management and Self understanding
Behavioral Counseling
Assistance in Individual Education Plan (IEP) review
Parent training (for home-based intervention)
Home programs development assistance
School and Classroom-based programs
Introduction of medical resources (tests, medication)
Career counseling
Job training
Sibling support
(Language used is Japanese)

Support Area

North America (USA, Canada)
South Korea
Southeast Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia)
Middle East (Israel, Jordan, UAE, Qatar)

Starting Age

under 3 years old

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